February 2019

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The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is actually not a single part of you; there can be a number of critical parts that judge you in different ways for different reasons. Below are seven most common types of Inner Critics that people are troubled by. Perfectionist Molder Guilt-Tripper Underminer Taskmaster Controller Destroyer Descriptions of the Different Types of …

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feeling shame therapy


There is no doubt, seeing the suffering of the depressed clients I work with, that feelings of shame can have huge consequences on wellbeing and sense of self. Gershen Kaufman summed up many of the consequences of shame in one paragraph of his book on the psychology of shame (Kaufman, Gershen, Shame: The Power of Caring, Rochester, 1992): …

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how to change with therapy brighton


Most of us go to therapy because, at some level, to some degree, we recognise we need to change. Things aren\’t working as they are. Relationships at home, at work, or more generally aren\’t functioning anymore. We can\’t go on as things are. Some of the time, it is external circumstances that need changing but …

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