Online Therapy During COVID 19

Online Therapy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

There comes a time in everyone\'s life that they find themselves in a situation where they need someone to talk to about their issues. It feels like there has never ...
Inner Critic Self Compassion brighton

An Antidote to the Inner Critic: Self Compassion

This practice can be used any time of day or night. If you practice it in moments of relative calm, it might become easier for you to experience the three ...

How to Process your Emotions

A central focus in therapy is teaching individuals how to understand their emotions and how to adaptively relate to and process them. This video from the School Of Life takes ...
shame embarrassment of adhd add

The paralyzing combination of shame and ADD/ADHD

ADHD and ADD are controversial diagnoses. Some believe that they are not distinctive conditions in themselves and others believe strongly in the opposite - that they lie underneath many other ...
inner critic self criticism

The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is actually not a single part of you; there can be a number of critical parts that judge you in different ways for different reasons. Below are ...
need therapy therapist brighton hove

Don’t want to go to therapy today? Tell your therapist

Sometimes you’ll dread therapy There will come a day, after months of waiting, desperate for some kind of help, that you won’t want to do therapy. This might coincide with the ...
feeling shame therapy


There is no doubt, seeing the suffering of the depressed clients I work with, that feelings of shame can have huge consequences on wellbeing and sense of self. Gershen Kaufman ...
how to change with therapy brighton


Most of us go to therapy because, at some level, to some degree, we recognise we need to change. Things aren\'t working as they are. Relationships at home, at work, ...
Quotes on Neuroplasticity

9 Quotes on Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt. Unlike computers, which are built to certain specifications and receive software updates periodically, our brains can actually receive hardware updates in addition ...
how to do meditation

7 Reasons Why Meditation is Difficult

What is it about something as simple as sitting still and watching our breath that evokes panic, fear, and even hostility? No matter how many reports there are proving the ...
about neuroscience hove

Neuroscience: The Default Mode Network

(An image the human brain\'s Default Mode Network, Credit: Marcus Raichle, Washington University) The Default Mode Network plays a key part in our sense of self, attachment style and mood. ...
womans Self Compassion

A woman’s need for fierce Self-Compassion

Article Written by KRISTIN NEFF In the recent Senate confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stood up to tell the world about her memories of the ...
learn avoid Procrastination


A recent study published by Psychological Science has produced evidence suggesting that procrastination is  a problem with managing emotions rather than time. The study links it to problems in connection ...
watching own thoughts

Observing & Witnessing

When we have thoughts or desires that we don’t believe are appropriate or are painful, we often keep them tucked away in the unconscious mind and nervous system. As long ...
Multiplicity of the Mind

Multiplicity of the Mind – part 2

Subpersonalities In an earlier post, I talked about the idea of the Multiplicity of the Mind and \'parts\' or \'subpersonalities\'. In this post, I would like to talk about some ...
brainspotting therapist in hove brighton

Brainspotting: Questions & Answers

Why use Brainspotting? What does it do? When we experience an emotionally intense, frightening or traumatic event, it may overwhelm us.  If that overwhelm does not naturally resolve, the experience ...
go to therapist brighton hove

Don’t feel like going to therapy? Tell your therapist

There will come a day, after months of waiting, desperate for some kind of help, that you won’t want to do therapy. This might coincide with the time you decide ...
Importance of Sadness

The Importance of Sadness


Do you find your mind often wanders? Try this mindfulness exercise
best brainspotting therapy brighton


I recognise I have a naturally skeptical part of me. So when I met with Mark Grixti (Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Therapist and EMDR Consultant) and he started to talk about Brainspotting, a new approach ...
group therapy in brighton hove

What is Group Therapy?

Group psychotherapy, like Individual therapy,  can help with a wide range of emotional difficulties. It is however particularly suited to anyone wishing to gain insight and improve the way they ...
what is brainspotting brighton

What is Brainspotting?

Norman Doidge, MD. FRCPC, author of \"The Brain That Changes Itself\": \"David Grand is one of the most important and effective psychological trauma therapists now practicing, and his development of ...
Multiplicity of the Mind therapy

Multiplicity of the Mind – part 1

The idea that our minds are made up of many different distinct feeling states referred to as parts, internal objects or sub-personalities has been around for a long time in ...
why go to therapy brighton

Why go to therapy?

This video from The School of Life website explains why therapy can be valuable for everyone.
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