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Brainspotting: Questions & Answers

Why use Brainspotting? What does it do? When we experience an emotionally intense, frightening or traumatic event, it may overwhelm us.  If that overwhelm does not naturally resolve, the experience gets ‘stuck’ in the body (the central nervous system) leaving us overly-sensitive and overly-reactive.  It also then diminishes or distorts our sense of self.  Brainspotting […]

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What is Brainspotting?

Norman Doidge, MD. FRCPC, author of \”The Brain That Changes Itself\”: \”David Grand is one of the most important and effective psychological trauma therapists now practicing, and his development of Brainspotting is a very important leap forward in helping people resolve trauma. Brainspotting is a remarkable, sophisticated, flexible addition to the therapeutic toolkit of any

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